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Event Transport by The Event Point :

As we know, the event point is a perfect platform when you have to arrange a marriage, to celebrate a birthday. Our staff is with you on your every happy time and as well as when you have to arrange a marriage ceremony. Event Transport is also a facility which is provided by The event point.

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We have an idea it is not easy to arrange an event for a family without any previous experience. We also want to save their time as well we want to give them the opportunity to save money. It is very common that many people waste a lot of money on these things and they don’t get good results in the end. So it is our responsibility to provide satisfaction to our clients and as well as our clients are valuable for us. 

Facilities we provide:

We provide many facilities which are given below: 

  • Food.
  • Catering.
  • Transport.
  • Decoration.


Food is a very important item in any event. So it is the responsibility of us to serve the best food. We have an idea if we will provide good food so many peoples will impress and as well as they will appreciate you and your efforts as well it will be an honour for us to serve you with the best. We can provide you with vegetarian as well as seafood.  

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We know catering is very necessary for any function. Don’t matte rit is a marriage ceremony, a birthday party we will provide you with the best catering. Our catering is new as well as good in quality. We have enough quantity to arrange the big events and we can arrange many events at a time. It is an honour for us to facilitate our clients with the best. Our clients are our first priority.

Event Transport:

Here the important thing everyone needs at an event is transport. Because it is not easy to take all the guests at the event place. For this, our company the event point provides the facility of transport to its clients. We knew that not everyone has a lot of cars or a bus. So that’s why we are providing the facility of transport to our clients to make their event better and special. As we know if you want a good event you must reach the event place on time.

We many many kinds of transport to facilitate our clients and we are responsible to provide them with comfortable transport. 

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Event Decoration

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