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We offer Event Catering London Service at cheap rates as compare to other Catering Services providers.

Looking for an Event Catering service in London?

If you’re a gourmet, always want to taste something different, or just want to get everything sorted for you. Catering is an essential part of your case. It can represent your character and be the core of an event that brings together and brings together all of your guests. To find the best caterer for your event right here. There are plenty to choose from.

Event Catering London

However, TheEventPoint has become a catering company in London with its dedicated team of seasoned cooks, event and production managers, and waiting staff.

TheEventPoint is considered one of the most sustainable caterers in Great Britain, serving fresh. As well as, seasonal and delicious food in Central London. Since 1993, we have been doing this and have been able to grasp what our customers want.

Our Waterloo kitchens are the ideal foundation for making excellent food for all occasions. Whether it is a 15 breakfast meeting or a sitdown dinner for 1 000, with a selection of Regular and Luxury menus to choose from.

We consist of more than 100 foodies with the same passion for producing and providing excellent food and service with wherever possible local produce, free-range meat and poultry, and sustainable seafood. See here for our policy on food procurement.

We’ve been given a 3-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association for our contribution to the implementation and promotion of a sustainable future in all business fields. Moreover, you can review our policy on sustainability.

More About Us | Event Catering London:

Our experienced team of London Event specialists works tirelessly from the initial event brief. Until the event itself to ensure that we have more than simply delicious food. Our durable, personalised menus are an unforgettable experience.

best catering London

At TheEventPoint, we are proud to have the highest level of care and understanding at any catering function. However, we will help you make your ideas come alive and deliver high-quality, delicious stylish food. The following are only a few of our past customers and case studies for a wide variety of great events, customers, and brands in London.

The EventPoint is proud to be part of the Compass Community while establishing stringent standards to make sure catering in events is healthy and complies with best practices for social dissociation and sanitation.

Based on the most recent advice from the government, we regularly review and upgrade our processes. In addition, some examples of methods we continually revise, develop, and introduce at our events are as follows:

Internal distancing and spatial indications:

It may seem contradictory, but ‘social distance’ is a crucial strategy for ensuring that visitors and participants feel safe and relaxed during your conferences and events.

The criteria of social distance, whether business or pleasure, are important for understanding and visually facilitating the enjoyment and space sharing of guests and delegates.

Guests and delegates can easily recognise how far apart they are from others with clearly visible and evident displays and indicators around event catering sites.

Enables them not to devalue or guess how far they are away from others at double arm’s length (6 meters).

Higher levels of food hygiene:

TheEventPoint’s food security has always been a top priority for food preparedness and catering for events. In these peculiar times, however, we have introduced some solutions.

These include ensuring the chefs prepare food with personal protection equipment in the kitchen (PPE). Both cloths are pre-wrapped, wooden, or compostable.

And we also preserve our food waste recycling strategy. As we introduce individual food and beverage packages. The recyclable materials – tagged stickers – for additional protection and peace of mind are included in all our boxes.

Sanitation stations:

The way that we prepare for activities – from cooking and drinking to serving our guests – requires cleanliness. We stress more and more our hygiene requirements and ensure that visitors and representatives have plenty of sanitary facilities where possible to wash their hands and disinfect them.

Face masks for face-to-face service staff:

Our workers will wear face masks when they serve visitors and delegates if necessary and in compliance with government guidelines. Guests who have forgotten their own massive events and entertainment should make masks available.

London catering supplies

As the original caterers of London, we are committed to ensuring that guests and delegates enjoy healthy, social, and hygienic activities. We never compromise on catering efficiency or produce a perfect event.

Every day we work in some of the most beautiful locations in the capital with great clients. To find your ideal location for any London event.

Please get in contact with us to begin organising your next case.


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