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Best Catering Companies London; Hello, we are TheEventPoint Catering company and are an independent, award-winning caterer owned and run by Me. A talented chef with over 35 years of hospitality industry experience in London.

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Best Catering Companies London:

We have put in the hands of skilled and talented chefs with Seasonal Organic Sustainable ingredients to produce the inspiring dishes you need. Our workers are devoted and proud to provide a service that is second to none!

This is why we take time to hear your wishes and to make a quote of your event clearly describing every aspect of your event. And, then you celebrate these significant and important moments in time, making your life so special.

We are probably the most sustainable catering company in London and do not believe good food should cost the Earth!

If you have a special event or just want to have a break out of your kitchen, consider a professional caterer with any effort. There are 15 of the best teams in the capital to cater to the next party. From a specialist in lobster rolls to a dome that offers a nutritious dinner for highly profile shoots.

TheEventPoint’s partnered with leading experts to become a licensed ‘Covid Protection’ company under government guidelines. In addition to regular deep cleaning of cupboards and appliances, the latest protection measures include social dissolution, pod work, staff training, and health statements.

What about Covid:

The recruitment of a ‘Covid Champion’ for hourly inspections, checks, and the provision of front-of-House distance is another main measure. We have also guaranteed identical certification for our partner sites in London and Kent.

We are pleased to announce new additions to our conventional catering services in addition to the corporate catering events in TheEventPoint.

It’s the food that makes or breaks a band, everyone knows. The catering has the greatest effect, whether you are planning an intimate dinner or informative celebrations. So that your soiree has a delicious food-looking atmosphere, whether it’s an intimate and significant dinner for six, a party that needs prolific plays, or just the most delicious street food. These are the caterers on the speed dial.

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Best Catering Companies London | Private parties:

There is a great responsibility with great parties and agreeing to have a party is just the start. At TheEventPoint, we work with you to build your ideal event, although you feel that it’s special!

During the four British seasons, our emphasis is always on seasonal, organic, sustainable, and local ingredients from indigenous companies like us. We are manufacturing products which come from land and sea. Our award-winning and easily recognized menu is our tour guide to the best of the seasonal ingredients and behind the farm, from contemporary British classics up to an eclectic mix of delicious and perfectly prepared sofas, meals, buffets, and everything from them.

We’re your performance secret!

Garden Parties:

Home is where the heart is and people come to that heart to enjoy love and laugh in family and friends’ company. With a delicious adventure of inventive menus, we build your special and unforgettable fiesta in the comfort of your home and garden.
Confide in someone like us with your band… there’s no place as home!

Themed Parties:

Get rid of your ideas jacket and let us welcome your thoughts and build the perfect band.
Whether it’s a masquerade ball, garden baby bar, gender reveal parties, a mystical thematic unicorn party (in the blue sky marquee). Or a “just because,” it’s sure to celebrate the card after months of lockout and insecurity.
We are here to cater for any unforgettable opportunity… never underestimate a party’s strength!

Milestone Celebrations:

Food evokes such marvellous event memories. It may only be an intimate meeting now, but soon we will return to a new ordinary with many customers searching for a conscientious caterer with a commitment to genuine food.
We know you want to meet again friends and family and we can support you with an afternoon event that has been carefully conceived and secured.
Let us cook for you to spend more time with loved ones unapologetically and to enjoy being the host on the day!

Best Catering Companies London

Best Catering Companies London | Weddings:

Two pairs are never the same and two marriages are never the same. Our mission is to help make your dreams come true and we are pleased to provide encouragement and advice as much as possible.

Naturally, our main emphasis is catering, but as our consumer, you also profit from our excellent “Little Black Book,”. An indispensable touch and a wealth of experience accumulated over the past 20 years or so! From florists to fans, bands to bridal cars, and DJs to decorative designs. We have the contacts to ensure that your day is easy and effective, you know that you can trust suppliers.

When you book your wedding with us, an event planner is assigned to work with you until your day. Making sure every detail is taken into consideration, no matter how small. We have floor plans and schedule documents that allow you to build our day’s logistics. And, provide innovative ideas for an incredible day that includes excellent food, service, and of course a party that you will remember all of us!

Weddings are an occurrence that deserves a personal service! Your designer will collaborate closely with you so that they can appreciate the vision of your dream marriage. You should relax and enjoy your day, knowing that we’ve covered everything.

Corporate Events:

We know you’re busy, so we’re here to assist. We have over 35 years of experience in corporate hospitality. That gives you amazingly good events by mixing innovative catering and insisted on concepts and competent preparation. On incredible events and unforgettable festivities, we have established our reputation!

We know how important it to you and how your organization is to imagine your idea, create an effective and introduce it to your guests. We know how important your event is for you.

All the specifics are taken seriously and our logistical know-how is carried into every event we attend. We deliver freshly baked, handmade sofas, custom breakfasts, luscious lunches, and divine dinners that make events truly unforgettable. Regardless of what your event is, whether it’s 10 corporate lunch, 150 black-tie dinners, or 250 canape reception. Our dedication is to provide every customer with the same service and attention to detail.

The accreditation at several Unique sites in London is a privilege and works with guests who need luxury boutique catering to display their goods and services.

Canapé Receptions:

That’s why we love so many soaps, we like really smart, stacked in rows and everything is perfectly packed. Each of them is a perfect picture, a small bit of handmade sky! All our hot, cold, and dessert sofas are handcrafted, comfortable, and guest-loved!

Business Lunches:

While so much has changed over the past year and as we reach a new normal. Our excellent service standards, dedication to delicious restaurants, and meticulous event management remain the same.

Experiences of Customer…

We’re much more than a caterer!
For your case, we simply plump on the seams with organic, sustainable seasonal menus, in collaboration with exceptional service standards, of course.
We’re here to hear, schedule perfectly, and prepare our delicious dishes to please everyone.

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